Romance of a Middle Aged Woman

Romance Story

“Madam, do you want another hot cup of coffee?” This was the words of her domestic servant. Looking at her desperately told to live as it was getting dark outside. It’s going to rain heavily. A storm within her made her feel so.

Beulah sat hours looking out of window probably lost in her past life trying to repair things that had changed her life. Twelve years passed now. She was the most successful and vibrant physician at her medical college and a group of interns practiced under her. Joe being a southern gentleman was joyful nature and pleasing personality. He was a charming person, well dressed and was respectful to all during his internship. This created anxiousness and respect among the physicians and other interns. Patients often had the magical effect of his joyful and merry go nature. His physical appearance was amazing.

Beulah was more captivated with his behavior and gentleness. This sentiment grew stronger day by day. She often visited Joe at his place. She found his relation with his mother was very special. He respected his mother and obeyed her. This was something very truthful and a lovable relation of Joe and his mother. The same respect and love he had for his woman too. She was magnetized by his southern gentleness. One fine weekend Beulah decided to call him at her place to have dinner together she had candle’s put in a row on the table and two chairs beside it. Well-dressed up in a red party gown and orchids decorated all over the room. A very classy dinner ready by her. Her maiden left early that afternoon. Meanwhile, Joe had made different plans with his woman. This was something she didn’t expect. The next morning she was eagerly waiting for Joe to come to the medical and know the reason he refused her dinner plan? But Joe was busy serving his patients he didn’t want to wait and explain her.

One weekend he left a message that he was going for a holiday. Beulah was going to surprise him on the weekend but once again she was left unaccompanied. What was the reason of negligence towards her? Joe lived with his mother and often his ladylove came to see him at his place. Beulah, “Meet my mother and my love, Mary”. Mary was rather very shy and had more faith in God. Joe often visited her in the church every Sundays.

Beulah never climbed the stairs of the Church. She would rather spend more time serving her patients. This was the reason she never had time to think of her spouse. She lived with her old granny, who was always after her marriage.

Get married Beulah, before I leave this world. I would like to see you in a wedding gown. But Beulah would always ignore by saying that she couldn’t find her perfect match. But Joe’s personality had knocked her heart deep. She was fascinated by his looks. Beulah was very stubborn by nature she never heard “no”. She got everything she wanted by clich├ęs. Something was disturbing her mind. She wanted to gain his attention. She could do everything he likes.

Beulah dared to approach him and even get physical, at the free time tried to get closer to him and consign to his arms and kiss him. But alas! She was overseen by him. The several attempts made her fall apart from him.

Days passed on, Beulah could only see Joe working around, he was more concentrated on his work and his mother as he lost his father when he was five. He was more focused on his career. His hard work and commitment towards his patient gave him a huge achievement. He became a successful doctor in the town. This was a turning point in his career. Mary’s support and love his major strong point.

Beulah was bothered all the failure and ignorance she achieved in her journey of love. Joe was going far and far away from her. Climbing the flight of stairs he was more content and happy with his work and love. Beulah was aware that the age difference between them was the major fact of Joe’s repulsion. Her senses always made her aware of this fact. This adultness pulled her back whenever she tried to convey her feelings to him. She had seen more sun rise and sun sets than him. This was the unusual feeling coming up to her mind.

It was this day when Joe had a letter in his hands which was the transfer letter. He was very excited and ran to Beulah’s cabin telling her about the letter. Of Course, he was at the top of the world. He ever dreamt of this. Now he was all set to walk to the new world. It was time to part from that medical college. Joe flew to the other city along with his mother and his love after a grand wedding with her (Mary).

Beulah suddenly wakes up from her dream and looks around her bedroom the clock strikes one at midnight. She was lost in her past life. But then she realized that it was almost twelve years passed. The phone kept near her bed rang aloud. Who is it now at midnight? She grumbled to herself. “It is an emergency madam, you are expected here immediately”. It was a serious patient who needs immediate treatment. Suffering from some serious illness a patient is at the ICU chamber.

Beulah rushes to the hospital. It’s a forty-five minutes ride from her home to the hospital. She is at the ICU a middle age man lying unconscious on the bed. With untidy hair and beards on his face. She gets all the reports from the nurse. The treatment begins and slowly she realizes that something familiar with the patient. The recognized face speaks of something related to her past. She grabs the report and reads the name of the patient. It’s Joe she is shaken and at the same time happy to see him after a long span.

It was time to treat him and bring him back to good health.It was like going back to the past. She slowly got to know everything that happened with him. Some of his words revealed that he lost his mother immediate after he last left. Somewhere the illness of his wife was the major drawback of his bad career.

But now the good old days came back. Beulah could once again sense the feeling of attachment towards him.Joe could now realize her inner feeling.

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